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------------------------------------------ Hello and welcome to the "Fists Reflector" ------------------------------------------ The purpose of this group is to hopefully provide a forum for FISTS members (and non members) to chat,share information and even arrange "skeds". It's hoped to provide links to other relevent amateur sites and other useful resources. Please feel free to start various topics of discussion,preferably morse or amateur radio related. Any photos of yourself or shack can also be uploaded to the photos section. Enjoy and don't forget,this site will only be as good as what its members are prepared to offer via their input. Don't forget to check out the FISTS website at ( ). Have a listen around on the following frequencies for FISTS members- 3.558 7.028 10.118 14.058 18.085 21.058 24.908 28.058
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  • Fistscw | skeds
    This subgroup is for members to announce intended radio operating and arrange skeds.
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